Hi, I’m Dash.

It REALLY annoys me when one gets into a Total Mayhem Situation before breakfast.
Which is exactly what happened to me this morning. And I was still in my pyjamas.


Full Name: Dash Candoo
Age: 11 years old
School: Swedhump Elementary
Best Friend: Rob Newman
Favorite Meal of the Day: Breakfast
Favorite Drink: Wombat Juice
Favorite Food: Pizzup
Weapon of choice: Stink-ball (home-made)
Vehicle of choice: Hole-digger (Aardvark 4.2d)
Favorite Class: Paper Airplanes
Favorite Teacher: Mr. Hogsbottom
Favorite Sport: Wobble-ball
NATO Code Name: Delta Alpha Sierra Hotel
Morse Code Name: dash dot dot / dot dash / dot dot dot /dot dot dot dot

Dash is created by Last Lemon Productions.