Hi, I’m Dash.

It REALLY annoys me when one gets into a Total Mayhem Situation before breakfast.
Which is exactly what happened to me this morning. And I was still in my pyjamas.


Full Name: Dash Candoo
Age: 11 years old
Birthday: 5th March
School: Swedhump Elementary
Best Friend: Rob Newman
Favorite Meal of the Day: Breakfast
Favorite Drink: Wombat Juice
Favorite Food: Pizzup
Weapon of choice: Stink-ball (home-made)
Vehicle of choice: Hole-digger (Aardvark 4.2d)
Favorite Class: Paper Airplanes
Favorite Teacher: Mr. Hogsbottom
Favorite Sport: Wobble-ball
NATO Code Name: Delta Alpha Sierra Hotel
Morse Code Name: dash dot dot / dot dash / dot dot dot /dot dot dot dot

Total Mayhem is created by Ralph Lazar & Lisa Swerling.

Ralph made up the Dash stories and did the drawings. Lisa shaped the stories into books.

Ralph & Lisa are New York Times bestselling authors, and the creators of the popular Happiness project, which has been translated into over twenty languages and has over three million followers online.

Lisa’s beautiful, sparkling glasscathedrals can be seen here.