Aardvark 4.2D

Dash and Rob won one of these hole-diggers in a secret competition. So unfortunately we are unable to give any information about how they actually won. It has a 4.2 liter diesel engine, but with an inbuilt turbo-electric wassoon-emulsifier, so its good for stealth and speed, but not great on endurance. They keep it parked in Swedhump Elementary’s orange grove.

Engine size: 4.2 liter (diesel)
Number of blades: 1
Max speed: 50 mph
Max distance on one tank: 25 miles
Strength/special feature: Super-fast
Electric version available soon.

The Aardvark 4.2 can be piloted by just one person. If manned by a 2-man crew, the front position tends to control speed and incision velocity, while the rear position covers navigation.

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