Wombat Juice

Wombat juice actually has nothing to do with wombats.
The name comes from its ingredients:

Walrus milk
Octopus saliva

Blend them in any proportions then serve with ice. Delicious!

The global chain of beverage stores, iThirsty, started off as a humble wombat stand outside Rudolph Roopperalia’s house. He was a mere 8 year-old boy trying to raise money to buy batteries for his KB-15. Twenty years later he’s one of the richest people in the world, and all because of wombat juice.

On the first day of having his stand outside his house, little Rudolph sold 3 cups of wombat juice; one to his mom, one to his dad, and one to the lady from across the road, Mrs. Zartz. The next day he sold 6 cups; one to his mom, one to his dad, one to Mrs. Zartz, and 3 to passers by. The next day everyone came back for more. Mrs. Zartz bought 6 cups. The next day, a Friday, he sold 32 cups. The following day, word had spread and he sold 128 cups. The next day, Sunday, he sold over 200. He needed help so hired Mrs. Zartz to assist him. Within a week they had sold another 1,000 cups.

Rudolph’s parents knew he was onto something big, and within a few weeks they had converted the entire house into a juice factory. They all moved into the camper-van in the driveway. Within a year Rudolph had sold over 1 million cups. By the time he was 12 he was a multi-multi-multi millionaire and Mrs. Zartz was a mere millionaire.

The original iThirsty wombat stand, where it all started, is now in the Sniffsonian. If you’d like to see it, it’s in exhibit room 437f.

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