“A high-octane caper”
– Publishers Weekly

“Delightfully chaotic”
– Kirkus Reviews

Hilarious, action-filled, illustrated mystery stories that make kids laugh-out-loud. The Total Mayhem adventures are written for 7-10 year-olds but appeal to the whole family. They explore universal themes of friendship, courage and taking the initiative.

Total Mayhem is published in the US by Scholastic.
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Book 1 – Into the Cave of Thieves: August 2021 now out
Book 2 – The Curse of the Blue Spots: August 2021 now out
Book 3 – The Forest of Secrets: November 2021 pre-order
Book 4 – War of the Waterslides: January 2022
Book 5 – The Total Ice-Cream Meltdown: May 2022

A new unputdownable series from Ralph Lazar and Lisa Swerling, starring Dash, an ingenious problem-solver with fantastic friends and a bottomless backpack of brilliant gadgets.

We are on the third Dash Candoo book, it has us all in fits of laughter. My son is keen to have a designated book shelf just for his Dash Candoo book collection!
– M.D. (UK)

“I couldn’t stop reading it because it was as if I was in the book, not reading it, but in it.”
– A.W. (9 years old, US)

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Check out Dash’s aMAZE-ing mazes!

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