Stink-balls are thin skinned capsules that get filled with gross liquid known as stink-ball juice.
It is possible to brew your own.
Stink-ball Capsules (SBCs) can be purchased from your local Spyware & Rockets store.

Typical Stink-Ball ingredients include:

* Rotting hammaphore fruit
* Old fishtank water
* Rotting guacamole
* Doublodile saliva
* Grobsnot venom
* Sour walrus milk
* Fresh swed milk
* Pickled fungus
* Slug slime
* Liver

Brew for 1 month on a cast-iron pot over a fire made from the bark of a hammaphore tree.

Once brewed, let chill, and then fill the capsules. Be sure to seal capsules properly so they don’t leak in your backpack or holster.

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