Sport that involves racing around a room while balancing atop a big wobbly rubber ball. Invented by Sir Stephenson Remington-Hobbes in 2012.

List of World Champions

2023: Boris Williamsnutch
2022: Jennifer Finsen
2021: Mr. Grodzinsky
2020: Not held
2019: Mr. Grodzinsky
2018: Mr. Grodzinsky
2017: Mr. Grodzinsky
2016: Mr. Grodzinsky
2015: Sir Stephenson Remington-Hobbes
2014: Sir Stephenson Remington-Hobbes
2013: Sir Stephenson Remington-Hobbes
2012: Sir Stephenson Remington-Hobbes

School-level wobble-ball races are typically 157 yards.
Olympic-level and World Championship races are 3 times that, i.e. 471 yards.

There are hundreds of different wobble-ball balls available on the market. Swedhump Elementary uses the Tumner-44. This is the same model used professionally. The elasticity coefficient of the Tumner-44 is 64.23 and the bounce-back coefficient is 87.23, with a Sharpe Ratio of 0.26 and Fellini Multiplier of 0.22.

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