Swedhump Elementary

Dash’s school.
Principal: Mrs. Rosebank
Probably the best school in the world.
Definitely has the best teachers in the world.
Named after the hump of a swed, a two-faced humped creature.

Swedhump Elementary is a K through 7 1/2 school. It’s part of the new Puff-Noss system, in which middle school is replaced by the CAP (Compulsory Adventure Period), which is as follows:

Elementary school: K-7 ½ (age 5 -11)
CAP: 7 ½ – 8 (age 12-13)
High School: 9 -12 (14-18)

During the CAP, students spend 18 months going on adventures, doing things they love, having fun, being healthy and spending as much time outdoors as possible.

Teaching positions at Swedhump Elementary are highly sought-after. One usually needs to be extremely good at one’s discipline before applying for a position. Being world champion in your field usually helps with the application process, but not always.

Most classes at the school have their own dedicated room or building.

New courses are continually being added to the curriculum, hence new buildings and classrooms are continually being added. To avoid disturbance, the new structures are actually built off campus (by Zoo Lake Engineering), and once complete, lowered in to place by triplo-triplocopters.

The school boasts the full portfolio of outdoor facilities, including:

Swimming pools
Playing fields
Zip-lining emporium
3 lakes
A river
A vegetable garden
An orange grove
Several large mazes

In the exact center of the school campus is a hammaphore tree. Next to that is the Principal Zofis, the office of Mrs. Rosebank. The western side of the campus opens onto the Moremi Forest.

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