Secure Command Center (SCC)

The SCC is the technology headquarters for Dash and Rob. It’s where their communications, surveillance and airborne/waterborne reconnaissance hardware is stored and operated.
It is accessible by tunnel only.

The approach and exit tunnels were dug by Dash, Rob and Greta. The main communication cables are dual-reticulated poly-carbon-fibre with an interfactual luminosity overlay. The main chamber is radar-proof and hence not detectable by a 3D Marco-map or similar device.

The SSC has a backup stand-alone power and data source which is a converted homputer XB77765-555, an EXTREMELY powerful device, installed with help from Mr. Rosebank. Embedded in a secure-concealed side-wall is a substantial food, drink and snack supply, as well as a 6 bedded shelter shelter. The shelter shelter has an escape hatch, large library, games room, entertainment center, sushi-bar, bouncy castle, hole-digger pen, phosphorescent swimming pool and a modest zip-lining emporium. If bad stuff happened above the surface, Dash and friends could comfortably live down there for a year.

Secure Command Center Radio Frequencies

Channel 01: Dash & Rob private channel
Channel 11: Police Triplocopter Response Unit
Channel 22: Underground Assistance
Channel 33: Backpack Ladder Deployment Emergencies
Channel 44: Submarine Assistance
Channel 50: Hovercraft Unit
Channel 55: Scallywag Academy Help Line
Channel 66: Pizzup Delivery
Channel 67: Coastguard
Channel 77: Quadcycle Repair Unit
Channel 88: Airborne Assistance
Channel 99: Strictly Confidential

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