Scallywag Academy

Scallywag Academy is the world’s most famous scallywag school.
To graduate, the candidate needs to master at least 27,004 moves. Advanced candidates have been known to master over 30,000 moves.
The location of the Academy is unknown. Because Dash is constantly being pestered by scallywags, and they always seem to land up on the dark side, he is determined to find where the school is, and have a good, long chat to its principal.

Some people believe it is hidden somewhere in The Foothills. Apparently underground. Others say it is deep within Moremi Forest, probably in the south-west where the terrain is less amenable to exploration. Others say it is right under our noses, literally in a bunker under Swedhump Elementary. It certainly hasn’t come up on any 3D Macro-maps.

Very little is known about the Scallywag Academy. Here’s a list of what we don’t know:

What the principal’s favourite color is
What are the most popular courses
What security they have in place
Where it is (as explained above)
How much is a one year course
How many candidates attend
How long certification takes
What defences they have
What their canteen is like
Is there a wall around it
Who the principal is

Some speculate that the Scallywag Academy has it’s own on-campus technical research and development laboratory. Others claim that is actually called the Laboratory of Darkness and it’s run by a dreadful man called Mortimer Mortgagewood, who used to work for Mr. Rosebank. He was fired by Mrs. Rosebank after stealing jet-fuel from the school warehouse.

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