Backpack Ladder Deployment

The Backpack Ladder (BPL) is an important piece of equipment used by Dash and Rob on multiple missions. While very useful, it can also cause injury if incorrectly deployed. Accordingly, it is very important to have clean airspace over you when deploying. No low-lying trees or low ceilings, and obviously don’t deploy inside an aeroplane, train, hovercraft or hot-air balloon. The same goes for reverse deployment. Make sure there are no obstacles above you. When carrying one of these, make sure the top of your backpack is correctly fastened.

In 2016, three employees at the BPL factory were injured during the testing process. The main backpack cover was not correctly fastened and the ladder expanded inside the backpack which then exploded. In 2019 a BPL auto-deployed in a factory staff member’s car, causing him to drive off the road and into a shallow duckpond. Three ducks were injured and the factory had to pay a $25,000 fine. All three ducks recovered.

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