Flying bus – powered by 5-10 RRRs (Retractable Rooftop Rotors)
Top air speed: 333 mph
Top ground speed: 55 mph
Maximum capacity: 44 excluding pilot
Max altitiude: 3,333 feet
Typical color: Yellow with yellow spots

There is only one flus and it’s the one at Swedhump Elementary. It was designed and built by Mr. Rosebank and test-piloted by Mr. Hogsbottom. The vehicle has sparked interest from Dr. Osgood Winklevoss, Lord Admiral of the Triplocopter Flight Training Academy, but Mr. Rosebank is not interested in selling his idea. He says “It was built for school purposes and that it the way it must be! I don’t want it being converted for any other use. The flus was made to transport kids, and that’s it!”

The wheels and rotors are powered by the same engine, and GF868, which is a fuel-injected, turbo-charged, 68 cylinder quadruple-sprocket glocken-rinkle. With quadrangle gaskets and in intubated hairy offen-grocken. The hairy offen-grocken only needs to be serviced once every five years, which is good.

Mr. Hogsbottom is the only person who is able to fly the flus. He once tried to train Dr. Williams, but then she had to go to Egypt, and they never got round to finishing the lessons.

The paintwork on the flus was done by the kids as a project that gave them credits for art class. Ms. Woodhouse oversaw the process. First it was painted yellow, and then yellow spots were painted on. Ms. Woodhouse was extremely proud of the work they did, and everyone got an A for it.

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