Woodhouse (Ms.)

Teaches Art.
One of the world’s most respected jump-splodge painters.

Not only is she a world-renowned artist, Lynn Woodhouse is one of the most beloved teachers at Swedhump Elementary. She has instilled in each and every one of her pupils an appreciation that art is fun, and that when being creative, it’s ok to make a mess. In fact, it’s important to make a mess.

In her personal life she is vey neat and tidy, but when it comes to art, she doesn’t hold back. Her jump-splodge studio has won the trophy for the most chaotic classroom on campus an extraordinary seventeen times. Ms. Woodhouse is very proud of this. All seventeen trophies are actually on display in the cabinet behind her desk, but they’re impossible to see because that whole wall is totally covered in paint splashes. And splodges.

Little Lynn began jump-splodge painting when she was just 3. By accident really. She rode her tricyle over a sachet of ketchup and it exploded against the wall. When her mom saw it, she couldn’t believe it. It was a near-perfect ketchup version of the Mona Lisa. Lynn was clearly a very talented girl.

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