Williams (Dr.)

Teaches: First Aid
Major Accomplishment: Created and trained the world’s most famous ant choir
Loves: Ants, singing, singing ants

She’s an exceptional doctor, builder of things, and choir master.

Has some of the world’s most fancy medical equipment and also happens to be one of the world’s most famous ant breeders.

Plus, she created, trained, mentors and conducts the world’s most famous ant choir; Prodigiosus Cantus Formicae.

When she was young

When Wilheminnia Williams was six years old, she couldn’t decide whether to be an engineer or a doctor. So she decided on both. When she was seven years old she decided she also wanted to be trainer and conductor of the world’s most famous ant choir. She had achieved all three of these aims by the time she was twenty five. Clearly a very determined young lady.

She studied Medicine and Engineering simultaneously, and came top of her class in both. Her medical specialities are playground injuries, insect bites and paper cuts.

He engineering specialities focus on the construction of medical devices that deal with playground injuries, insect bites and paper cuts.

Her ant choir has performed for the world’s rich and famous. Here’s a short list of some events at which it has featured:

The wedding of Persoffony and Derek Globen-Zrotter (famous actors)

The inauguration of President Himple-Ruckus of Hessopotamia

The coronation of Queen Fenterrible of Upper Gronswick

The funeral of King Contabilo-Molto of Lower Gronswick

The house-warming ceremony of Mike and Gladys Pringle of 54 Avocado Avenue East

The opening of the Palladini Tarpaulin Factory & Terrapin Racetrack

The opening of the Swedhump Elementary Opera House

From age 25-35, Dr. Williams worked part-time in an ant hospital. During her shift she’d sing to the patients and they’d sing back. Not only did this benefit their recovery (singing is always a positive thing), it also allowed her to recruit some amazing singers for choir.

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