Extraordinary machine that can fly and dig holes. Very expensive and few have been built. Equipped with a subterranean ossifier, quadro-retractable rotors and a muiltfucntional-dual-reticaluted-glockensprocket.

Acquiring a Boreholicopter pilot’s license requires completing a 14 month course at the Boreholicopter Flight Training Academy (BFTA), which is a sub-school of the Triplocopter Flight Training Academy (TFTA). Places are few and far between and the entrance exam is extremely difficult.

For the 7 month flight snodule, candidates need to be able to also fly one of the following:

* A Triplocopter
* A Ratchet-Raptor
* A Flus

For the 7 month digging snodule, candidates need to master all of the following disciplines:

* Engine repair
* Mole ethnology
* Nose-cone thermo-dynamics
* Subterranean navigation
* Macro-tunnelling
* Micro-tunnelling
* Urban tunnelling
* Near-surface tunnelling
* Deep tunnelling

Boreholicopters are manufactured by Jammy Aeronautics & Mole-ificatory Technologies Unincorporated Corp. Ltd., which is actually a joint-venture between G & J Tarrow Siblings Inc. and Pandamatenga Industries.

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