Snodules are components of a technical class or lesson. A typical lesson might have 4 or 5 snodules, that are inter-related, but also independent.

Snodules can be divided into sub-snodules, semi-snodules and snodulated-snodules.

Snodulated-snodules can be divided into sub-snodulated-snodules, semi-snodulated-snodules and snodulted-snodulated-snodules.

Snodulated-snodulated-snodules can be divided into sub-snodulated-snodulated-snodules, semi-snodulated-snodulated-snodules and snodulted-snodulated-snodulated-snodules.

Swedhump Elementary has a rule that the snodules for every lesson need to be logged in the LSRI (Library Snodule Registration Interface). This can be done by filling in form 60, and then inserting it into the SRFIT (Snodule Registration Form Insertion Trough) which is on the wall next to the entrance to the library. Ms. Grimstead gathers up all the forms every morning and enters them into the system. This means all lesson snodules are archived, and the data is then sent to homputer 44574E.

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