1 or 2 seater titanium/carbon-fibre hover-bird. Highly mobile and can fly fast. Can reach altitudes of 800 feet and has a cruising speed of 80mph. Battery lasts 3 hours in full flight mode. Deployable in 3 seconds. Packable in 5 seconds. When packed, it’s about the size of a golf ball. Dash usually has one in his back-pack.

The first ever Ratchet-Raptor was test piloted by James Hogsbottom. On its maiden flight the navigation Nyeffy-Gimble was on the wrong setting (18 instead of 16) and he crashed into an osteop milking-shed on a neighbouring farm. Luckily he wasn’t injured in the crash, but there were over 200 osteops in the shed at the time, and they got such a fright that they began a stampede. It’s actually known in the history books as the Great Osteop Stampede of 2008. The osteops ran so far that a squadron of police triplocopters and triplo-triplocopters had to retrieve them individually. The farmer, a woman by the name of Jezebel-the-Magnificent, was initially going to sue Mr. Hogsbottom, but then she was interviewed on TV. She was so happy to have been on TV that she forgave him, and they are good friends to this day.

Ratchet Raptors are manufactured by Raptor Industries under license from G. & J. Tarrow Siblings Inc. (manufacturers of triplocopters).

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