New Almanac entry
Noncyles are nine-wheeled bicycles.
They’re fun to ride, fast and very stable, especially over rough terrain.
The nonclycle is Ms. Greenacre’s preferred mode of ground transport.
She purchased hers from Darwin Cycles.
Runs so smoothly that it is believed it was actually built and tested by Humperdermus Ibis himself.

In case you’re wondering, this is the naming system:

Number: Greek (Latin) *cycle
1: mono- (uni-) unicyle
2: duo-/di- (duo-/bi-) bicycle
3: tri- (tri-) tricycle
4: tetra- (quad-) quadcycle
5: penta- (quint-) pentacycle
6: hex- (sex-) hexacyle
7: hept- (sept-) heptacycle
8: oct- (oct-) octocycle
9: ennea- (non-) noncycle
10: dec- (dec-) decicycle