Greenacre (Ms.)

Teaches: Zip-Lining
Major Accomplishment: World Zip-Lining Champion (2013)
Loves: Smarshmallows, noncycles, eels

How did she get into zip-lining?

Ms. Greenacre’s dad was an Osteop salesman, and her mom was a Fence Inspector.

One year her mom had to go on a fence inspection 5 miles into Moremi Forest. Gwendolina Greenacre (i.e. Ms. Greenacre), who was seven years old, went along with her. The fence had been put there to protect a meadow of very rare plants from being eaten by a rogue herd of sweds.

Gwendolina and her mom used an Aardvark 66 to get there.

But after a week of inspections, when it was time to leave, to their surprise, the hole-digger would not work. They would have to walk out of there.

But then Gwendolina’s mom tripped and twisted her ankle. They could not walk. They sure were in a fix. Then Gwendolina had an idea. There was a lot of extra wire from the fence lying around. Why not use that wire to make a zip-line out of there? Much easier than carrying her mom.

And so that was how she got to build her first zip-line, and ride her first zip-line. The rest is history.

How Ms. Greenacre adopted Derek

Gwendolina was once accompanying her father on an Osteop sales trip. He had just sold a small herd of spotted Osteops to a famous breeder, and he was very excited. While crossing a particularly boggy area, they had to leave the road because it had flooded. Next thing they were lost. In a bog, and night was falling.

Then out of the blue (or should we say browny-green) a small eel appeared. At first Gwendolina was scared of him. But when she realized the little eel was showing them the way out, her heart melted. The eel seemed to like her and seemed to want to stay with her. “He thinks I’m her mom” though Gwendolina. She named him Derek and they have been together ever since. He’s usually curled around her neck, like a scarf.

And Derek brought them good luck. They were soon out of the bog and the famous Osteop breeder was so happy with the delivery service that he paid triple. Gwendolina’s dad gave her the money as a thank you, and with it she purchased some fantastic zip-lining equipment which she installed in Moremi forest. It was on this equipment that she trained in secret for the Zip-Lining World Championships, eventually winning gold.

Ms. Greenacre loves cycling. Her preferred mode of transport is her beloved noncycle which she purchased from Darwin Cycles.

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