Greenacre (Ms.)

Teaches Zip-Lining
Former World Zip-Lining Champion.
When on the ground, uses a noncycle.
Never goes anywhere without Derek (her pet eel) around her neck.
Loves smarshmallows.

Ms. Greenacre’s dad was an Osteop salesman, and her mom was a Fence Inspector. One year the mom had to go on a fence inspection 5 miles into Moremi Forest. Jenny Greenacre (i.e. Ms. Greenacre), who was 7 years old, went along with her. The fence had been put there to protect a meadow of very rare plants from being eaten by a rogue herd of sweds.

Jenny and her mom used an Aardvark 66 to get there. But after a week of inspections, when it was time to leave, to their surprise, the hole-digger would not work. They would have to walk out of there. But then Jenny’s mom tripped and twisted her ankle. They could not walk. They sure were in a fix. Then Jenny had an idea. There was a lot of extra wire from the fence lying around. Why not use that wire to make a zip-line out of there? Much easier than carrying her mom.

And so that was how she got to build her first zip-line, and ride her first zip-line. The rest is history.

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