Ibis (Mr.)

Teaches: Bicycle-building
Major Accomplishment: Winner Tour de South-Northern Swottolia
Loves: Cycles, engineering, gramsters

Instrumental in setting up the online courses at the world famous Quadcycle Training Academy.

When he was young

For his third birthday, Humperdermus’ parents bought him a gramster as a present. A gramster is like a hamster, but better. They also bought a gramster-wheel for the cage. Jacobius (which is what Humperdermus named him) loved his wheel. He’d run on it all day and all night. Little Humperdermus found it fascinating, and he has loved anything to do with wheels since then.

At age four he was building his own gramster-wheels and selling them. He used the money to invest in proper wheel-making equipment, and by age five he was supplying wheels to the local bicycle store. By age six he was building complete bicycles in his bedroom.

By age seven he had built his first heptacycle (7-wheeled bike).

By age eight he had built his fist octocycle (8-wheeled bike) and by nine his first noncycle (9-wheeled bike), the prototype Loma-99.

He was so fascinated with the 9 wheel configuration that he stuck with it. Year after year he tweaked the design, improved the drive-train, strengthened and lightened the frame, and by the time he was 18, the now world famous Loma-99 was ready.

University years

Humperdermus Ibis did a PhD. In quadcycle-building at The Drakensberg Institute of Technology, where he studied under the great Professor Maxifus Mas-maximus Maximus, a legendary cycle technologist.

Humperdermus’ thesis paper focused on quadcycle technology that deals with rough and constantly-evolving terrain.

As you know, when you ride a quadcycle over rocks, mud or thick vegetation, it always feels stable and quite smooth. This is due to technologies that Mr. Ibis invented during his university years.

As soon as he graduated from college, with the recommendation of Professor Maxifus Mas-maximus Maximus, he got offered a job at the Quadcycle Training Academy. He worked fulltime there until his appointment at Swedhump Elementary.

When he was twenty-six, he won The Tour de South-Northern Swottolia (a legendary mountain race) on a Loma-99, a noncycle he built in his bedroom.

He still works one morning a week at the Quadcycle Training Academy in a consulting role, and occasionally lectures postgraduates at The Drakensberg Institute of Technology.

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