Grodzinski (Mr.)

Teaches: Physical Education/Wobble-Ball
Major Accomplishment: Current Wobble-Ball World Champion.
Loves: Ball sports, aardvarks

Rumored that he is totally bald but wears a wig, and has a tattoo of a dancing aardvark on the top of his head.

Mr. Gronzinski is known to cry very easily.

When he was young

Gavin Grodzinski has loved all ball-sports since he was very small. He actually invented several of them. Most of them also involve his older brother, Gerald.

When he was four he invented Throw-the-ball-at-Gerald-to-annoy-him.

When he was five he invented Continue-throwing-the-ball-at-Gerald-to-continue-annoying-him.

When he was six he invented Bounce-a-ball- against-the-fridge-to-annoy-Gerald.

When he was seven, out of necessity, he invented Bounce-a-ball-against-the-fridge-to-annoy-Gerald-but-only-when-your-mom-goes-out.

When he was eight he invented Bounce-the-ball-so-much-that-Gerald-starts-going-crazy.

When he was nine he invented Throw-the-ball-onto-roof-of-house-above-Gerald’s-bedroom-in-the-middle-of-the-night.

Gavin and Gerald are very close.

Gavin had ten great aunties, but his favorite, by far, was aunty Marion-Holster, mainly because she always gave him great birthday presents.

This is what he got for his first nine birthdays:

1st: A flying crib
2nd: A rabbit
3rd: Puppies
4th: More puppies
5th: A flame-thrower
6th: A skateboard
7th: A bicycle
8th: A submarine
9th: A hover-board

For his tenth birthday, Gavin was given a large English Dictionary as present by great aunty Marion-Holster.

That night, under his bedsheets, he opened the dictionary and began to read. The first word he encountered, right at the start, was aardvark. Gavin was mesmerized. He read no further. And from that moment on he was obsessed. All he wanted was a baby aardvark.

Great aunty Marion-Holster got him one for his eleventh birthday, but took back the dictionary since it quite clearly was not being used. She regifted it to another ewphew (who is now obsessed with it as is trying to learn the whole thing off-by-heart – but that’s a story for another time!

The aardvark (named Norbert) lived with Gavin him for over ten years, until one day he escaped into Moremi Forest, and has never been seen again.

Gavin was so sad that he got a small picture of it tattooed onto the top of his head.

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