Grodzinski (Mr.)

Teaches Physical Education/Wobble Ball
Current wobble ball World Champion. Rumored that he is totally bald but wears a wig, and has a tattoo of a dancing aardvark on the top of his head.
Cries very easily.

Gavin Grodzinski has loved all ball-sports since he was very small. He’s actually invented several of them. Most of them also involve his older brother, Gerald.

When he was 4 he invented throw-the-ball-at-Gerald-to-annoy-him. When he was 5 he invented continue-throwing-the-ball-at-Gerald-to-continue-annoying-him. When he was 6 he invented bounce-a-ball-against-the-fridge-to-annoy-Gerald. When he was 7, out of necessity, he invented bounce-a-ball-against-the-fridge-to-annoy-Gerald-but-only-when-your-mom-goes-out.

When he was 8 he invented bounce-the-ball-so-much-that-Gerald-starts-going-crazy. When he was 9 he invented throw-the-ball-onto-roof-of-house-above-Gerald’s-bedroom-in-the-middle-of-the-night.

Gavin and Gerald are very close.

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