Remington-Hobbes (Sir Stephenson)

Inventor of wobble-ball.
World wobble-ball champion 2012-2016.
Known to occasionally be grumpy.
Over-inflated ego.
Under-inflated wobble-ball.

Little Stephenson Remington-Hobbes grew up in a very rich family. Both his parents had important office jobs and he barely ever saw them. He was brought up by the housekeepers.

The Remington-Hobbeses lived in a huge mansion on the edge of town. It was actually a converted hotel. It took so long to get from one side of the building to the other, that they actually all had little vehicles like golf-carts for getting around. Stephenson never really had any friends over because at school he was really mean to everyone.

One day, Irma, the Chief Housekeeper, gave little Stephenson a hopper ball. It was the big rubbery kind with a handle to hold on to. Bouncing around the corridors was fun, and soon he got really good at it.

In his own mind, Stephenson developed the Bouncing-Ball World Championships. This involved bouncing from one end of the top (7th) floor of the house, all the way to the far end of the ground floor. Because he was the only competitor, he always won. He got Irma to buy a large crate of trophies, and every day, as soon as he got home from school, the Bouncing-Ball World Championships would take place. All the servants would have to stand at the finish line as he came through. They would have to cheer as he crossed the finish line, and then Irma would present him with a trophy. All the trophies were then on display in room 322. All the rooms of the third floor were his. His bedroom was room 312. And his smashing-things-with-a-baseball-bat room was 329.

One day instead of bouncing on the ball whilst sitting, he stood up on it. Across the room he wobbled. And thus Wobble-Ball was invented. For years he held the World Wobble-Ball Championships in the mansion, and being the only competitor he always won. All the new trophies piled up in room 323 and 324. But he knew it was all pretend, so at the age of 18, he stopped completely.

22 years later, in 2012, when he was 40 years old, Stephenson Remington-Hobbes came across his old wobble ball. He jumped up on it and had a go. Memories came flooding back to him. He decided there and then to hold an ACTUAL, real-life Wobble-Ball World Championships. He got a really expensive fancy-shmancy gold trophy made. And he won the championship. Obviously, since he was the only competitor.

The next year of course, he was defeated by Mr. Grodzinsky, and the rest is history.

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