Tadros (Mrs.)

Teaches Science
Known to spend entire weekends in the science lab, bubbling up new concoctions, and is famous for being able to make all kinds of perfumes.
Very interested in anything to do with Egypt, and once spent a year traveling up the Nile on a boat. Left-handed and very allergic to Grobsnots.

When Serenity Tadros was little she began scientific experiments in her bedroom. When she was 5 she made her first baking soda and vinegar volcano. When she was 6 she had already invented and patented 12 new types of invisible ink. By the time she was 7, she had grown one of the world’s largest crystals in her bedroom. Her parents had to remove the ceiling and floor of the upstairs room to accommodate it. Thereafter, little Serenity had a double-storey bedroom.

By the time she was 8 she was making car batteries out of carrots. By the time she was 9 she had built a wind-farm on the roof of their house that gave their entire neighbourhood free electricity forever. When she was 10 she began experimenting with magnets, and then making her own super-magnets. Even though she restricted her work to her bedroom, the electro-magnetic field she created was so strong that the local knife and scissors factory had to relocate. By the time she was 11 her experiments with chemicals had gained her regional fame.

At 12 she began a course in very advanced, advanced chemistry at the Advanced, Advanced Chemistry department at the University of Inner-Scratchford. Her private tutor was Dr. Cordelia Zeusaphone (who as you know, is world famous). From age 15 to 25 she was co-head of the Advanced, Advanced Chemistry department. At age 26 she was hired by Mrs. Rosebank.

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