Endearingly grumpy insects, a little like bees.
Like bees, their honey is delicious and they sting.

Only left-handed people (like Mr. Hogsbottom and Mrs. Tadros) are allergic to them.

Grobsnots originate deep within Moremi Forest, and their numbers grow the closer you get to the exact center of the forest. But to date, nobody has ventured that far in. It is said that vast swarms of grobsnots are actually guarding something in there, but this is just a theory.

Grobsnot stings are harmless unless of course you are left-handed. If that’s the case, a sting results in a pink swelling which then turns blue and then turns green. The green lump then starts to throb and vibrate and sometimes forms a volcano-like summit. If squeezed of perforated, the volcano will excrete a runny luminous liquid which is actually perfect for making invisible ink.

Unlike bees, it is actually possible to train grobsnots. Professor Seymour Masterson, a well-known circus impresario started the now-famous Grobsnot Traveling Circus during his retirement. It went on to do a world tour and made Professor Masterson a multi-multi-multimillionaire. When his children started fighting over the money, he donated his entire fortune to a bunch of organizations and businesses, including:

Darwin Cycles: ($1 million)
Institute of Leopard-Crawling and other Stealth Ground Manoeuvres (ILCSGM): ($1 million)
Quadcycle Training Academy: ($3 million)
Sniffsonian Museum: ($22 million)
Swedhump Elementary Circus Building: ($12 million)
Triplocopter Flight Training Academy: ($8 million)

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