Rosebank (Mrs.)

Principal of Swedhump Elementary.
Major Accomplishment: Becoming principal of Swedhump Elementary
Loves: Yellow, clocks, books, yellow books about clocks, books about yellow clocks

She is extremely wise, patient and powerful.
She is also invisible.
Because of this, nobody knows what she actually looks like.

Only one photo has ever been taken of her (below), and all it features is her left elbow.

It is believed that when she was young, she got stung by a large swarm of invizizzes, which explains the whole invisibility thing.

i.e. an Invizizz is a type of stinging insect. If it stings you, the part of you that got stung goes invisible briefly, for an hour or so. If you get stung by several, you might go completely invisible, albeit temporarily. It is believed that if you get stung by a swarm of over 1,000, you could go invisible forever.

Since she was very young, Mrs. Rosebank’s life ambition has been to become one of the most powerful people on the planet. She realized that goal when she became principal of Swedhump Elementary. Nothing would stop her, not even invizizzes.

Very little is known about her past life, and her present life as she is an EXTREMELY private person. In fact, nobody even knows what her first name is.

Other things nobody seems to know about her:

What her maiden (unmarried) name was.
When she met Mr. Rosebank.
How she met Mr. Rosebank.
When they got married.
What their wedding was like.
Nobody even knows where they live. This is because nobody can follow her home, since she’s invisible, and Mr. Rosebank leaves his inventions shed via a secret, underground tunnel, so nobody can follow him home either.

Some of the things we do know about her:

[1] She reads A LOT. We know this since her office is stuffed with books, and new ones arrive every day. It’s actually believed she has a tunnel from below her office to a secret section of the library, but this is unverified and Ms. Grimstead (the Chief Library Officer) refuses to comment on it.

[2] She is extremely punctual. In fact, she has never been late for anything, ever. There are over twenty five clocks in her office, all on the identical (and correct) time.

[3] Her favorite color is yellow. All the furniture in her office is yellow, as are the walls, and he flies a yellow flag above her office when she’s present.

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