Two-faced humped antelope-type creatures found on open plains and near rivers. They say if you rub the hump of a swed at full moon, it will bring you good luck for a month.
Swedhump Elementary is named after them.

The three most common kinds are:

Grinning sweds: Mischievous. Collum Ollum once had one as a pet.
Grumpy sweds: The nicest kind. Friendly and sweet.
Smiling sweds: The smile is deceptive – they do actually bite.

Sweds are common on the eastern fringes of Moremi Forest.

They build their nests in Makataka trees, down small burrows, or in dry riverbeds. Eggs are usually laid in batches of 3.

The Great Swed Migration occurs in February and heads south, down to the Open Plains where they assemble in the tens of thousands and do some weird stuff over the month of March. In April they head back north again.

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