Hammaphore Tree

Mysterious and uncommon, solitary trees that are found across the planet.
Several are known to grow in Moremi Forest next to Swedhump Elementary.
Each one is said to be over 500 years old.

The University of Scratchford documents the location of every known tree, and this information can be accessed in their secure reading room. Two forms of identification are required if you wish to gain access.

Every hammaphore tree has a secret doorway into a passage, which connects to all other hammaphore trees on the planet. This is known as the Hammaphore System. Who exactly gets access to the system is largely unknown.

The oldest known hammaphore tree is the one growing right next to Mrs. Rosebank’s office, and is physically in the exact center of the school campus. Some say it’s just a coincidence or because the tree just looks good, but others claim the positive nano-energy of this tree is what prompted educators to build the school there in the first place. The positive nano-energy hypothesis is supported by extensive research undertaken by Professor Maria Yankel-Zog-Zoglio, who is head of Hammaphore Research at the University of Inner-Scratchford.

Hammaphore tree leaves are characterised by small swirls, and taste disgusting. Hammaphore fruits are small round things that look tasty but are not. They are awful. Really awful. But you don’t need to worry about that as they are totally illegal to pick.

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