Sniffy (Mr.)

Owner of the Sniffsonian Museum.
Very ambitious.
Wants every kid on the planet to have visited the museum.

Serendippitus Sniffy has always loved collecting things.

When he was just 4 he started collecting miniature elbow-holsters. Nobody even has any idea what miniature elbow-holsters are but he has over 2,000 of them now. The collection is believed to be worth over a million dollars.

When he was 5 he started collecting saw-toothed doublodile teeth. When he was 6 he started collecting desert-quail feathers. When he was 7 he started collecting spare parts from triplocopters. The following year he embarked on an ambitious strategy of starting as many new collections as his age. So that year he started 8 new collections, which were:

[1] Marbles
[2] Ossciles
[3] Fossilized carrots
[4] Miniature bottles
[5] Grains of sand
[6] Pieces of driftwood shaped like wands
[7] Toast
[8] Vintage photos of osteops

When he was 16 he started collecting collections.
When he was 20 he started collecting collections of collections.
When he was 25, he built a building to house his collections.

And he called it The Sniffsonian.

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