Ossicles are small osculated sniccles containing micro heemo-globule globules. They are used as conductors in advanced electronic devices. They are extremely difficult to work with as they can be quite sticky. Only very advanced engineers and inventors use them.
Mrs. Tadros (the science teacher at Swedhump Elementary) has a fine collection of them.

It is not really known exactly how the sniccles become osculated, or even why they become osculated.

Professor Maria Pinsnoffian, Head of Ossicle Research at the Drakensberg Institute of Technology has been researching ossicles for two decades (20 years) and concludes that to date the osculation of sniccles remains an enigma. Her seminal research paper, The Enigma of Osculated Sniccles was a bestseller, and is a great read. Check your closest book store.

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