Devil Nose Island

Devil Nose Island was renamed Witch Nose Island in 1967, after objections raised by the INCS (International Nose Classification Society).

According to official documents from the time (the originals of which can be found in Reading Room 641, Aisle 6,733, Shelf 277 at The Sniffsonian), the INCS believed the tip (highest point) of the island was pointy and sharp enough to make it “By definition, technically closer to that belonging to a witch than to the devil”.

A copy of the document is also housed in Swedhump Elementary’s library. Its specific location is undisclosed, but to arrange a viewing please submit a hand-written application (in triplicate) to Ms. Grimstead. If you’re lucky, i.e. if her head-lump is not playing up, she might well offer to assist you. But probably not.

The IINS (International Island Naming Society) disputed the INCS’s findings, but lost the case after a lengthy court battle.

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