Witch Nose Island

Witch Nose Island is the most secure prison on earth. The entire perimeter is ringed by 27 krypto-web fences, 11 of which are electrified. The water around it is freezing and full of shnarks (which are more vicious than sharks), flesh-eating, saw-toothed doublodiles and killer electric rays. No prisoner has ever escaped from it.

Famous inmates include:

Name: Jerrold McMillan the Midnight Train-Thief
Prison number: DNI66912
Crime: Train robbery
Sentence: Life

Name: Teresa Nagg-ohorowitz
Prison number: DNI54871
Crime: Incessant nagging of her children
Sentence: 5 years

Name: Aloysius McDermottsonnsdottir
Prison number: DNI67329
Crime: General annoyingness
Sentence: 1 year

Name: Clementine Constantinius
Prison number: DNI44093
Crime: Saw-toothed Doublodile trafficking
Sentence: 10 years

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