Cut-throat 64

1-person hole-digger.

Engine size: 6.4 liter (regular gas)
Number of blades: 2
Max speed: 30 mph
Max distance on one tank: 20
Strength/special feature: Decent speed but superb digging ability. Can also be used to cut down fences and trees.

The Cut-throat 64 comes with an ISC (Inbuilt Snack Console). This provides a continuous supply of snacks, treats and other deliciosities to the pilot. It also has an IBC (Inbuilt Beverages Console) which provides a wide range of soft drinks, sodas, iced-teas, hot-teas, milkshakes, smoothies and specialist beverages like wombat juice, walrus milk, choc-hotlitt, snolly juice and swamp juice.

The first edition of the Cut-throat 64 came out in 2015. There has been a new model every subsequent year. Ask your local dealer for more details.

2015: Cut-throat 64 – model a
2016: Cut-throat 64 – model b
2017: Cut-throat 64 – model c
2018: Cut-throat 64 – model d
2019: Cut-throat 64 – model e
2020: Cut-throat 64 – model f
2021: Cut-throat 64 – model g

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