Swamp Juice

Swamp juice does not actually come from a swamp. Like many of Dash’s breakfast beverages, its name is an acronym:

S: Swed milk
W: Wombat juice
A: Artichoke juice
M: Marzipan
P: Pickled cucumber

And yes, it’s delicious.

Swamp juice was invented by celebrity juice-ologost Edwina Grottswenkle. She was actually on a beetroot foraging expedition in the upper Foothills and got trapped in her tent during a snowstorm. The ingredients of what we now know as swamp juice are all that she had in her backpack. Luckily she had a mixer-mincer-shredder-liquidizer in her kit, so blended them up for an hour (as per the now-famous recipe). And luckily she also had a microwave oven with her, which is what one needs to perfect the process. She warmed it up to 225 degrees (as per the now-famous recipe), then refroze it in the snow (as per the now-famous recipe), then blended it again for 4 hours (as per the now-famous recipe).

And voila, it was delicious. And a famous drink had been invented!

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