Angel Island

Stunningly beautiful island plonk in the middle of the Atticus Ocean, where Swedhump Elementary classes go for Marine Biology Week.
Fringed by a coral reef. Warm water.
Probably the world’s most beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
Only inhabitants are those in the 6-star hotel.
Or so we believe.

The hotel on the island was built in 1999 and has some fantastic features including:

* Personal submarine docks accessible from every room
* Hot-tubs in every room
* An indoor tidal pool and wave machine
* Cotton-candy machines in every room
* A large underground wobble ball track

Free outdoor activities for all guests include diving, snorkelling, sailing, grains-of-sand counting, sunbathing, moonbathing, rain bathing, palm tree shaking and coconut-balancing (a tradition began by Mr. Steadyneck in 2015).

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