Steadyneck (Mr.)

Teaches: Potted-Plant Balancing
Potted-Plant Balancing World Champion in 1958.
VERY old.
And very nice.

It is believed that Mr. Steadyneck could be over 200 years old. But he is reluctant to discuss it.

Sylus Steadyneck grew up on a cactus farm. When he was young, he used to help his parents bring potted cacti up from the fields to the farm house for meditation circle. Sylus’ dad, Shepherd Steadyneck, believed that getting cacti to meditate made them grow better. So every evening, over 1,000 cacti were brought individually into the farm house for an hour of meditation, and then taken out again at the end. Young Sylus soon found that if he carried one in each arm, and balanced a couple on his head, the job could get done a lot quicker.

And the rest is history.

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