Zip-Lining Emporium

Huge zip-lining park at Swedhump Elementary.
Actually the world’s largest.
Designed by Ms. Greenacre.
Has over 2,700 different zip-lines.

The emporium, built by Zoo-Lake Engineering, took just a month to construct. 2,000 of the zip-line routes are permanent. 700 are changed very month to keep things interesting.

The most popular rides are:

[1] The Greenacre Gravity Bend
[2] Devil’s throat
[3] Forest Canopy Rush 666
[4] Forest Canopy Rush 1,813
[5] Mammoth’s Epiglottis

49 rides go through glass tunnels underwater.
193 rides go through tunnels underground.
2 rides are time-travel rides.
There are 17 “sleep” rides, i.e. you have to be asleep to go on them.
19 rides take over an hour, so are not permitted to be taken during the school day as students will miss class.
1 ride takes 2 full days so can only be done on weekends.

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