Yo-Yo Stingers

Yo-yo stingers are electrically-charged yo-yos.

When fighting scallywags, they can be very effective, but they only sting for a few seconds. They are best used to give someone a fright. If you’re involved in deep-combat, with a full squad of scallywags for instance, it’s worth having multiple stingers with you.

Yo-Yo stingers are manufactured by Rajak Industries.

The stinger is a ‚Äútake-apart” yo-yo, which allows users to change the axle and ball-bearings, and to refill it with stinger powder. The latter is a combination of bang-powder, latent electric charge, salt, dried lemon skin and grobsnot venom. Rajak Industries sells reloadable stinger powder capsules in sets of 24. Dash always carries at least 4 sets of 24 in his backpack as backup.

The standard SRM (Stinger Release Move) is as follows:

[1] Do not attach string to finger with a knot (just wind it around once)
[2] Get the yo-yo into high-energy sleeping state on the end of the string
[3] Rapid elbow and wrist rotate-jerk towards the target
[4] The yo-yo automatically releases

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