World’s strongest rope and it’s made from the leaf-fibres of a hammaphore tree.
It’s so strong that not even a Saw-toothed Doublodile can chew through it.

The leaf fibres of a hammaphore tree have a unique atomic-viscosity-multiplier which, when boiled and mixed with pumpkin juice, creates incredibly strong sub-atomic micro-micro-micro-micro-micro fibres.

These micro-micro-micro-micro-micro fibres, when interwoven with regular string or rope, form kypto-web. Such is the potency of the sub-atomic micro-micro-micro-micro-micro fibres, that 10 miles of krypto-web can be made from a single hammaphore-leaf.

Krypto-web is manufactured exclusively by the Oshakati Industrial Corporation, a high security facility located near Misty Cliffs. There is one hammaphore tree on facility premises, and it is extremely well looked after. It is not known if any staff members have access to the Hammaphore System.

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