Stinson (Mr.)

Teaches: Ceiling-throw
Major Accomplishment: World Ceiling-throw Champion
Loves: Wobble-Ball, raisins, dancing

Ceiling-throw is a fantastic sport which he actually invented.

It goes without saying that he is the current World Champion.

The first World Championships were held in 2019. He was the only participant, and won gold.

The second World Championships were held in 2020. Again, he was the only participant, and won gold. The same went for 2021.

Mr. Stinson loves dancing and has a pre-competition warm-up wiggle dance (Mr. Proudfoot actually helped him choreograph it) which he does before every event. If you ask him nicely, he’ll demonstrate it for you.

When he was young

Cedric Stinson used to love raisins. Not because he ate them, but just because. For some reason he wanted to collect them. His raisin collection was so large that by the time he was thirteen, his bedroom was so full of them that he had to sleep in the corridor.

His mother convinced him to get rid of them, so he donated them all to the town’s Raisin Museum. They were so happy with the donation that they offered him a job, and by the time he was twenty five he was Museum Director. This highly prestigious position allowed him to fly to raisin conferences all over the world.

But after several years doing this, his love for raisins faded, and he began to get bored. A short attention span is not uncommon with geniuses.

He decided to change profession entirely and become a professional nostril flare-er (someone who flares their nostrils as a job).

But then, tragically, three months into his new career, he sprained his left nostril in a wobble-ball accident after colliding at high speed with a competitor (Wobble-ball was his favorite sport). The person he collided with was actually Groffin Honkersmith, Gronville Honkersmith’s father.

So Cedric decided to instead to become a dancer. He was good. Really good. Soon enough he was spotted by Macella Camberwell herself (of the famous Camberwell Circus) and was invited to join their dance troupe. But on the first day of his new job, he was so busy dancing that he failed to notice a hole in the partially-built stage, and fell right off, straight into a large fermentation trough of decaying slime, which was being prepared for the slime-jugglers.

Not only was it really embarrassing, but turns out he sprained his ankle, really badly, and had to spend three months in hospital.

It was there, in his bed, that his love for raisins was rejuvenated. He asked for a box of them to be delivered to his room. Their simple presence at his bedside made Mr. Stinson feel a lot better.

During the long days in bed, he started throwing raisins up towards the ceiling to see how close he could get them without actually hitting, and the rest is history.

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