Proudfoot (Mr.)

Teaches Dance
Famous for his rain-dance, which ALWAYS works. World Rain-dancing Champion in 2018 (everyone actually had to evacuate the stadium on boats because he was so effective). For health & safety reasons he is forbidden from doing his rain dance on school premises.

Little Parker Proudfoot discovered his rain-dancing aptitude totally by accident. When he was 12 he went on a family camping trip. One night, they were busy toasting marshmallows over the fire, when the marshmallow fell of the stick he was holding and landed on his foot. It was still hot and so it burnt him slightly. Parker jumped up and started dancing around on one foot in pain. The next thing it started to rain. Really hard. But no-one thought anything of it.

When he was 14 he went to his first dancing party. The moment he hit the dance floor, the rain came pouring down. Again, no-one thought anything of it. But the next party he went to, the same thing happened. And the next. From then on he was only invited to parties on the condition that he didn’t dance. It was quite a sad situation.

Then in his bedroom he started experimenting with new dances. He was trying to develop a dance that wasn’t a rain-dance. His parents were very supportive and reinforced the roof tiles and gutters on the house. Eventually he succeeded. He developed a portfolio of fantastic non-rain-dances, including the now-famous Flamingo Shuffle.

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