Proudfoot (Mr.)

Teaches: Dance
Major Accomplishment: World Snow-dancing Champion
Loves: Skiing, dancing, flamingos

Famous for his snow-dance, which ALWAYS works. Except when it doesn’t.

Mr. Proudfoot won the World Snow-dancing Champion in 2018. Everyone actually had to evacuate the stadium on skis and sleds because he was so effective.

For health & safety reasons he is forbidden from doing his snow dance on school premises.

When he was young

Little Parker Proudfoot discovered his snow dancing aptitude totally by accident. When he was twelve he went on a family camping trip. One night, they were busy toasting smarshmallows over the fire, when one of them fell off the stick he was holding and landed on his foot. It was still hot and so it burnt him slightly. Parker jumped up and started dancing around on one foot in pain. The next thing it started to snow. Really hard. But no-one thought anything of it.

When he was fifteen he went to his first dancing party. The moment he hit the dance floor, the snow came falling. Again, no-one thought anything of it. But the next party he went to, the same thing happened. And the next. From then-on he was only invited to parties on the condition that he didn’t dance. It was quite a sad situation.

Then in his bedroom he started experimenting with new dances. He was trying to develop one that wasn’t a snow dance. His parents were very supportive and reinforced the roof tiles and gutters on the house.

Eventually he succeeded. He developed a portfolio of fantastic non-snow-dances, including the now-famous Flamingo Shuffle.

The Flamingo Shuffle is, as you now, now world famous. In it, dancers mimic flamingos. It’s so effective that if done in areas where flamingos live, they might well come and join in. There was a famous incident in 2017 when a live performance at the school was unwisely held during the annual flamingo migration, and over one million birds descended on Swedhump Elementary. The show had to be cancelled and the school was closed for a week as special cleaners needed to come in to get rid of all the droppings.

In the summer break of 2018, Mr. Proudfoot toured the country with a professional dance troupe in a flamingo-shaped bus. The bus was actually sponsored by The Aqualine Corporation (as marketing for their flamingo floaties). Several photo-shoots were done to advertise the tour, featuring Mr. Proudfoot and his troupe all on their own floaties in a pink swimming pool.

Because of the length of the flamingo-bus’ neck, they had problems with bridges and overpasses, so they often had to take a more complex route than otherwise would be possible. But apart from that, the tour was a huge success and a film of them doing the Flamingo Shuffle went viral online. In fact, it went so viral that it actually broke part of the internet, so it had to be taken down.

Towards the end of the tour, a small flock of actual flamingos started following the bus. The flock grew with each passing day. When Mrs. Rosebank heard about this, she was really worried about a repeat of 2017 (see above, when over one million birds descended on Swedhump Elementary). The flamingo bus was driven to a hangar for storage, and Mr. Proudfoot and his troupe had to finish to tour on tricycles. Flamingo-shaped tricycles, but tricycles nonetheless.

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