Heemo-globule Globules

These are small, very rare, highly-precious globules containing heemo-globules, which are mined all over the world.
The Sniffsonian has a fine collection of them.

Everybody wants heemo-globule globules, but nobody really knows why.
Heemo-globules themselves are not precious, it’s the heemo-globule globules that are.

In 2017, the now-famous minerologist Dr. Florence Providence (PhD. University of Camford-Bogmarsh) came upon a beautiful heemo-globule globule whilst walking some of her ants. When she got back to her laboratory, she examined it more closely and delightfully realised it was not a heemo-globule globule, but a heemo-globule globule globule. So the first ever discovered globule containing a heemo-globule globule! She instantly became world famous (obvio!) and was even on the cover of Teemay Mugh-Harzinnay (a VERY famous magazine).

Since then, only two other documented heemo-globule globule globule discoveries have been documented. Just look in the documents and you’ll see what we mean. Which documents? THE documents.

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