Nomsa-Nomsa-Nomsa (Mr.)

Teaches: Hole-digging
Major Accomplishment: World’s most respected hole-digger mechanic
Loves: Potatoes

Mr. Nomsa-Nomsa-Nomsa Can repair a hole-digger faster than anyone.

His specialties include:

Cut-throat 64Trenchifyer 98
Perforator 800Aardvark 4.2D
Aardvark 66

When he was young

Little Norbert Nomsa-Nomsa-Nomsa grew up on his great-great-great-great-great grandfather’s potato farm. To earn pocket money, Norbert used to go into the fields and help his great-great-great-great-great grandfather dig out the potatoes.

When Norbert was seven, his great-great-great-great-great grandfather went into retirement, but gave Norbert his hand-held mechanical potato extractor as a gift. Norbert soon realised, because it was over 150 years old, the mechanical potato extractor could do with some maintenance work.

And that was when he repaired his first hole-digger.

By the time he was eight he was repairing the more advanced hand-held kinetic diggers on the farm. By the time he was nine he’d moved onto the hand-held electric versions, and by the time he was twelve he was comfortably working on the large vehiculated diesel versions.

And not only is he brilliant at repair hole-diggers, he’s also really good at piloting them.

He loves digging underground mazes, or labyrinths. Here are a few examples. (show images)

Even though he loves being UNDERground, Mr. Nomsa-Nomsa-Nomsa also loves being high above the ground. Which is why he lives in a treehouse.

He actually is a very proficient tree-house builder.

His whole technique (or trick) revolves around the Rapid-Gro Potion® he gets from Mr. Rosebank.

This is how it works: He builds a tree-house, on the ground, around a young tree.
He then waters it with Rapid-Gro Potion®.
The tree grows (rapidly), and within a few days, voila, a new tree-house high up in the sky.
Very clever!

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