Small, concealable, very powerful laser. Ideal for cutting through things. Probably the only tool able to cut through krypto-web. Can also be used for communication.

Another fantastic device developed by Savuti Technologies Inc.
This laser can cut through anything. Except Krypto-web.

The Chief Inventions Officer at Savuti Technologies (Dr. Muizenberg) decreed that a Hemlock-878 be embedded in every laser the company ever produces. This renders them harmless to living beings, so they cannot be used as weapons. Removal of the Hemlock-878 renders the laser inoperable, so even if the devices get into bad hands, they cannot be used to harm anyone.

The laser works perfectly in deep space and under water. During Marine Snofftology Week there is an optional snodule in Underwater Laser Communication. Highly recommended.

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