The language spoken by carrots.
Mrs. Hogmanny-Hog-Mahomm speaks it fluently, and has translated the entire Harry Potter series in to it.
It took her three months to learn, while living in a carrot colony in eastern Germistinia.

Some beginner words and phrases:

Hello: Nyebbih
Goodbye: Nyebbih-nyebbih
My name is Dash: Nyebboh m’hohh m’Dash
Pass the guacamole: Nyobbih n’gwukku moalee
Have you seen my ant? Nyimmi nyemmeh nyeyy m’ant?
Would you like to come to the ant festival? Nye-nye nyippi nyopp ny’antfes-tivval?
I’m hungry! Nyobboh!
The KB-15 is fully-charged: Ny’KB-15 nyulluh chulluh
Unexpect the expected: Nyo-nyobbo el Nyi-nyibbo
I love you! Nyebbih-nyibb

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