Imminent Danger Warning Device (IDWD)

Flashes red when danger is very close.

KB-15 flash codes:

* Red – on-off 1 second intervals continuous: Imminent Danger
* Red – on 2s, off 2s: Lightning storm imminent
* Green – on 3s, off 1s: Pizzup delivery almost here
* Blue – on 5s, off 5s: Battery needs charging

KB-15s were invented by Mr. Rosebank but he licensed the design and manufacture to Mgadigadi Technologies. There is just one model of the device, so there is just one buying option. The software and radar technology are updated every year by automatic satellite download. This means that at any one time all KB-15s are identical.

The range is 25 yards and the sensor beams penetrate anything, including concrete, kryptocrete, interglandular coagulated carbon, rock and metal.

The device can be wrist-mounted (like a watch), head-mounted (which looks ridiculous, so nobody ever does it) or can just sit on a flat surface.

The KB-15 takes 12 CCC batteries, and it is critically important to keep these charged at all times, especially if you are in an ACZ (Actual Combat Zone) or ICTS (Imminent Combat Type Situation). The Global KB-15 Inspection Authority (GKBIA) undertakes random inspections and if your batteries fail the test, you will get fined. I repeat, you will get fined.

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