Hogmanny-Hog-Mahomm (Mrs.)

Teaches Vegetables
It is said that she speaks over 300 different vegetable languages.
Has translated the full Harry Potter series in to many of these languages, the first one being Karrotsch (the language most carrots speak).
She is also famous for having grown Carrot 27b, the world’s largest carrot.

Little Harriet Hogmanny-Hog-Mahomm grew up on a vegetable farm. Her one mom was a very famous lettuce grower. Her other mom was a very famous potato grower. From an early age, Harriet was interested in carrots.

She had some successes in early years, but had the continued problem of “pop-out”. As you well know, “pop-out” happens when you have a particularly large vegetable that pops out of the ground as you’re watering it, and traps you on top of it. “Pop-out” is ok with potatoes or pumpkins, because if you’re trapped atop a huge one, you can just slide off the sides. But carrots are much taller vegetables, and the edges can be like a cliff. Harriet solved the problem by always carrying a long rope in her backpack when watering.

Harriet found vegetable language classes so easy that during them she would create new vegetables through a hybrid modification process. You might not know it, but it was she who invented the caulicumber, the pumptato and the asparaflower.

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