Snarling Jetpack Hogs

Snarling Jetpack Hogs don’t need much explaining.
They are hogs, with jetpacks, that snarl.
Often accompany Mindreading-Scallywags.
They fly fast and are vicious.
Allergic to walrus milk.

It is not known where these creatures come from, nor who manufacturers their jetpacks.

Some speculate that the they are made in the Laboratory of Darkness (the secret research laboratory at the Scallywag Academy).

Since a snarling jetpack-hog has never been captured, it’s unsure whether they are actually born with the jetpack on them, or if it is attached at later date. If it is attached at a later date, who attaches it? This question is unresolved. Radar tracking devices in the SCC show that jetpack-hogs can reach cruising speeds of up to 80 miles per hour.

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