Invisibility Shield

Makes everything inside it go invisible.

Mr. Rosebank has done significant experimentation with invisibility shields, and can be considered a leading expert. According to him, there are many different kinds, with different strengths, dimensions and longevity. They are used by the forces of good and the forces of evil.

The shield is usually put in place by aerosol format, i.e. by an invisibility spray.
Larger shields are usually installed by the curtain technique, but it’s classified, so we can’t tell you anything about it.

One can see through an invisibility shield by using anti-invisibility-goggles.

Largest recorded: In 2004 one was placed over an entire town that was trying to avoid paying taxes. The government tax triplocopter arrived to collect the taxes, but there was no town to be seen, so they flew back to government headquarters. The town has not paid any tax since then.

Longest duration: In 2014 a boy, Billy Frownpaddle, 14, was climbing a cherry tree at his school. He was too heavy for it and broke the main trunk. To avoid getting shouted at by the school principal (who loved shouting, and yelling), he quickly sprayed an invisibility shield over the tree, which lasted for 2 years. Nobody noticed that the tree had disappeared. When he removed the invisibility shield, the trunk had grown back.

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