Anti-Invisibility Goggles

Anti-Invisibility Goggles (AIGs) are an extremely useful tool. Dash and Rob usually have them in their backpacks.
They are most effective for recently-invisibilised things. So for example, if a Wrestle-Scallywag went into invisibility-mode a few minutes ago, the AIG would pick him up. But if the Wrestle-Scallywag went into invisibility-mode a few weeks ago, the AIG probably would not.

Dash & Rob both have AIG-878s, which work at night, and under water.

Some AIG’s come with inbuilt VAMPs.

The first set of Anti-Invisibility Goggles were actually invented by Mr. Rosebank when he was in his early thirties. At the time, he thought he was hearing voices but suspected it might actually be something different, since he didn’t really feel like he was going crazy.

Once he’d developed the goggles, and put them on, he saw that he was almost continuously being followed by small flying airborne mouth-holes (a common type of flying mouth, usually found only deep with the Moremi Forest). The particular type of airborne mouth-hole that followed him, was the kind that just never shuts up. He purchased a special repellent spray made from the liquidated toe-jam of a swedhump, that smelt so bad it soon got rid of the mouth-holes, but for a while also got rid of all his friends.

A few months later he decided to develop the goggles for commercial purposes, and now they are fairly widely available, to those in the know.

It’s important to note that Anti-Invisibility Goggles are NOT able to see people who have been made invisible by invizizz attack, so he is not able to see his wife, Mrs. Rosebank.

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