An Annoyingometer™ is a wrist-mounted annoyingness detector. Range can extend up to 500 yards. Recommended setting the range at 100 yards and under. If you set the distance too large, it will pick excessive annoyingness, which in itself would be annoying, and might cause the device to malfunction.

The Annoyingometer™ is manufactured by Siena Industries Corporation. Ms. M’Punn-Dinn-Gurry and Mr. Ghogghh were involved with field-testing the first model.

Similar devices include the Grumpometer™ and the Sulkometer™. The broad-spectrum Moodometer™, still in development and undergoing testing, is expected to be available in June next year.

The Annoyingness Measurement Scale (AMS) is calibrated globally and all devices are rebooted and set to the new calibration every year on January 1st. This means all devices work on the same measurement basis.

Calibration goes from 0 to 127.

0: Nothing annoying anywhere near you
1-25: Barely annoying
26-50: Sustainably annoying
51-75: Tolerable annoyingness
76-100: Starts getting uncomfortable
101-111: More uncomfortable – think about leaving the area
112-125: Very uncomfortable, leave the area immediately
126-127: Severely dangerous situation

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