New Almanac entry
Triplosaults are triple somersaults.
A Grinning Triplosault is a triple somersault whilst grinning.
A Grinning Jellybeanified Triplosault is a triple somersault whilst grinning whilst eating a jellybean.

The counting goes as follows:

Somersault (single somersault)
Doublosault (double somersault)
Triplosault (triple somersault)
Quadrosault (4 somersaults)
Quintosault (5 somersaults)
Hexasault (6 somersaults)
Septasault (7 somersaults)
Octosault (8 somersaults)
Nonosault (9 somersaults)
Decosault (10 somersaults)
Nonononosault (99 somersaults)
Nonononononosault (999 somersaults)
Weirdosault (failed somersault)
Dumbersault (somersaulting into a wall – Gronville Honkersmith has been known to do this)
Plumbersault (when Mr. Plumtree does a somersault)
Summersomersault (a somersault in the summer)
Wintersomersault (a somersault in the winter)